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Double Steel Wheel Roller RDL2-9A

Suitable for the repair of pavement,park and compaction of all kinds of layer or surface layer asphalt.
RD12 series of roller driven by double wheels, twisted finger design support accurately controller. Vibration hanging at front wheel, static pressure at rear wheel,bring perfect effect for the asphalt pavement.Excellent work effect,when it covers with asphalt, the vibration exciter fast the compaction effect.

Product datas
Model RD12-9A
Dimensions 1824*1035*2300 mm
Weight 985 KG
Engine Honda Gasoline
Boot Mode Electric Power
Rated Power 24HP
Vibration Wheel Diameter 560 mm
Vibration Wheel Width 900 mm
Shock Frequency 55Hz
Fuel Tank 23L
Water Tank 100 L
 Adjustable Speed 0-8.7 km/h
Max Gradeability 30%
1.Pressurized sprinkler system provides a stable water flow,8 orientation timer allow the operator adjust the water flow according to different suiations.
2.Compact body design,easy to operate and turn. The hemline design of rolling wheel also can press the asphalt sides.
3.Easier to enter for maintain the machine with the slantly down of back flat and front cover.
4.Voice redue design of rolling wheel, quieter during the operation compared to similar level.

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